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Gary Roman

Gary Roman, Owner The Attic, LLC Serving Maryland, The District and Virginia


Disposing of clutter and personal effects can be overwhelming during any clean-out. With many years of industry experience, I have the expertise to BUY ON any LEVEL. From one piece to an entire estate—jewelry to furniture—I can accommodate any situation and provide you relief.

This is where THE ATTIC, LLC can help. I work with my customers to identify which items to keep, what can be sold, donated to charity, or trashed to help relieve some of the burden.

I can offer cash on-the-spot to buy any collection or individual pieces.

We are interested in these items:

Jewelry: Gold, Silver, Costume, Watches, Dental Gold, Damaged Jewelry/Scrap, Turquoise.

Sterling Silver Items: Silverware Sets, Tea Sets, Other Sterling Silver Items.

Art: Paintings, Prints, Sculptures, Etc.

Other Items: Furniture, Antiques, Etc…

Cultural Items From All Continents: The Americas, African, Native American, Oceanic, Chinese, Islamic, and Pre-Columbian

Historical Items: Documents, Maps, Autographs

Coins, Stamps, Military Items, Quality Pottery, Quality Glass,
Books, Cameras, Dolls, Rocks & Fossils, Oriental Rugs, Duck Decoys, Pen Collections, Medical Oddities, Vintage Radios, Edged Weapons: Swords, Knives

Antiquities: Roman, Greek, Egyptian

Most Collections/Accumulations